Sublette community efforts saves life over 4th of July weekend

WOODHAVEN LAKES – An EKG device funded through community efforts helped save the life of an elderly woman at Woodhaven Lakes over the Fourth of July weekend. According to the Sublette Fire Protection District, On Friday they were dispatched to Woodhaven Lakes for a 65 Year-old female not feeling well with chest tightness and some nausea. The patient was not eager to go to the Emergency Room, however, was convinced to allow the emergency medical crew to place her on a new Medical 12-Lead EKG. The machine confirmed suspicions that she was having a heart attack and was transported to a local hospital to relieve blockage and is recovering from the incident. The fire protection district thanks the Amboy Car Show Committee, local businesses and the Family of Donna Vaessen for donating for the purchase of the 12-Lead Monitor.