Mendota District 289 to start year with remote learning

Studstill Media Photo

MENDOTA – At a Mendota District 289 special School Board Meeting Thursday night it was decided that the school year would still start on August 24th with fully remote learning.   The first week will be devoted to working with parents and students to get everyone up and ready for remote learning education.  Remote learning for all students would be in effect until September 4th, with students attending classes online for around five hours.

The Board said they will revisit when they will start the hybrid learning of half day face to face learning on September 8th and periodically after that.

“Given the current situation in our county, city and state, we felt the need to address our transition plan.” – Superintendent Dr. Kristen School

A survey put out to parents in July had parents split nearly 50/50 between in person learning and e-learning, however, after the recent surge in new infections, many parents called to switch e-learning full time for their students.

Dr. School cautioned parents about purchasing school supplies, as it isn’t exactly clear what materials could be needed and when.  Parents with questions should contact their school during normal hours.