Authorities warn of man posing as sheriff’s deputy in Will County

Will County Sheriff’s Office -Studstill Media Photo

PLAINFIELD – The Will County Sheriff’s Office has had three complaints regarding a man, posing as a member of the Sheriff’s Office SWAT team, allegedly making traffic stops. The man is described as being a male light-skinned black wearing a black shirt with SWAT on it, blue jeans, with a silver and black 32 on the waistband. The man did not show a badge at the time of these incidents and was not seen with a weapon.
His vehicle is described as a green Chevy Malibu, with black rims and a stick-on strobe light near the windshield. The vehicle was also described as being ‘beat-up’.

In all three incidents the man claimed to be hired by Will County sheriff’s office to enforce the “Stay at home” policy currently in place. He asks the victim where they are going and where they are coming from. In one incident he warned of a citation being written for $500 for violating the policy. After speaking with the victims the man drove away.

Two incidents have been reported in the Plainfield area and one incident in southern Will County.

The Will County Sheriff’s Office is advising residents to be cautious if you see this vehicle and to call 911. Law enforcement agencies throughout the area have been notified of these incidents and are asking residents to report any sightings.