Andersen Trial Underway

Clifford Andersen

HENNEPIN – Opening statements were made in the trial of Clifford Andersen Wednesday at the Putnam County Courthouse.  68-year-old  Andersen is charged with killing and burying the body of his sister in law, Deborah Dewey, in a shallow grave in Standard in 2016.   Several witnesses for the prosecution, including the victim’s son, were called to the stand to testify against Andersen.  The prosecution also presented a power point demonstration listing what they say is the sequence of events that occurred, including the whereabouts of Andersen up to, and after, Dewey was reported missing.  Photos were shown in court including Dewey’s burial site and the discovery of her missing vehicle at a Morris truck stop.  Dewey and Andersen’s financial history was also discussed, and both the defense and the prosecution tried to use that history to their favor.   Day two of the trial will be Thursday morning.