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WGLC is the area’s choice for classic country.  With over nearly 14,000 listeners each week(1),
WGLC is the number one listened to station in Northern LaSalle and Bureau Counties(2)!. Tune in for
local spots, news, and agriculture. WGLC is streaming online at and on the app for Apple
and Android at WGLC Classic Country.

Six Things You Need to Know About WGLC

  1. On September 1, 2022 WGLC celebrated her 57th  Birthday!
  2. WGLC has been programming country music longer than any other area station – for 32 years. Since 1990.
  3. Music and Stuff, presented by Eureka Savings Bank, is one of the longest radio programs in the nation. It has been airing every Sunday morning from 8 until 10am since 1991
  4. WGLC is HUGE online! Our stream has increased by 443% in the past 5 years, with 65% listening via a smartphone, and 3/5 of the remaining online listeners listening via a home smart speaker (Amazon Alexa with a 90% share)
  5. A part of Shaw Local Radio, which has 84,797 people listen in an average week, and at any given time, three times more people are listening to a Shaw Local Radio station than the other two top groups combined! (Eastlan Ratings, Average, September 2022 12+, Cume, AQH, M-Su 6a-Mid).
  6. Shaw Local Radio reaches the coveted 25-54 demographic, with more listeners in a given week than the other area groups put together (36,844 25-54, Cume, M-Su 6a-Mid, September 2022)

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  • (1) Eastlan Ratings, September 2022, LaSalle-Peru IL Market, 12+, Monday-Sunday 6a-Midnight, Weekly Cume
  • (2) Eastlan Ratings, September 2022, LaSalle-Peru

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