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Proper Christmas Tree disposal important

LISLE – A dry Christmas tree after the holidays have ended can quickly become a fire hazard, so authorities urge that once the tree shows signs of drying out it should be disposed of. Homeowners should never burn portions of a tree in a fireplace or woodstove, as that may cause creosote buildup that could lead to a chimney fire. Julie Janoski, manager of The Morton Arboretum’s Plant Clinic in Lisle, recommends checking to see if you can find a local place to recycle a tree and have it chipped into mulch or compost. It is important to note that only the actual tree can be recycled, so be sure to remove all decorations and plastic, including the bag you may have transported it in. Experts also warn that you should not try to recycle garlands, wreaths, or anything that contains wire, as those could damage the shredding machinery.

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