Over 400 have received COVID-19 vaccination in Livingston County

First vile of Moderna vaccine used in Livingston County – Photo LCHD

PONTIAC – The Livingston County Health Department has announced that over 400 individuals have received doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. The first phase of distribution, known as 1A, is underway, providing the vaccine to healthcare workers and long-term care facilities. Any healthcare worker, caregiver, or clergy working in Livingston County not affiliated with a hospital system, is encouraged to call the health department to schedule a COVID-19 vaccination appointment at 815-844-7174 ext. 216.

“We’re proud of the progress Livingston County has made in distributing the COVID-19 vaccine
to county residents and workers,” said Jackie Dever, LCHD Administrator. “Our team has been
working hard to reach out to those eligible within Phase 1A and coordinate distribution of the
vaccine as quickly and efficiently as possible.”