Inmate escapes by posing as fellow inmate

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SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A case of deliberate mistaken identity has gotten a California inmate free from jail. Authorities in Utah say inmate Kaleb Wiewandt ended up being “released” from lockup Tuesday night — because he pretended to be a fellow inmate whose time had come to be released. Staffers thought Wiewandt was Matthew Belnap, who was to be released that day. And apparently Belnap was in on the ruse. Authorities say he helped Wiewandt shave his head to look like him — and even gave him his inmate ID. After Wiewandt was let go, Belnap went to jail officials, asking why he wasn’t released — and they realized they’d let the wrong guy go. Authorities are looking for the escaped inmate, have charged the other inmate with the deception — and are trying to tighten their release procedures.