Sloppy Joe

6 until 10 a.m.

Joe hails from the Nation's Capital, Washington DC. It was while at college he decided radio was his calling. His first radio job was at Oldies 100 in Washington DC, working in promotions. He moved from promotions to producer for Goldy’s Rock n’ Roll show. After four years, Joe moved to the green mountain state of Vermont and Classic Rock 101, The Fox, which gave him his own show. He then moved on to a radio job Cedar Rapids, Iowa before returning to DC. In fact, he was back in DC contemplating his retirement from radio when he got a call from The Radio Group. Joe worked afternoons on sister station WALLS 102 before joining The Morning Show on WGLC.

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Terry King

10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Terry King remembers the first break he heard on the radio and was hooked. He was in the 8th grade and never looked back. He loves country radio for the music you hear, the pictures you can paint and the emotion that goes with it. Terry says “I know no strangers and can pretty much talk to a tractor tire.” He loves a good margarita, Mexican food and any fish on the end of his fly rod…

JW Formicola

2 until 7 p.m.

JW Formicola is married with adult children. Emily is a teacher and Joseph is going to school and having a good time. They are a close family unit and still vacation together. Joe says, “they think I’m weird, Oh well.” He grew up in Detroit, loves the Red Wings and movies. Doing a fun radio show is his passion. He wants to make you laugh, cry and think. Just like any country music artist He thanks God first. Pass the Pizza!!!!

Liz Adams

7 until midnight

Liz Adams has been to 48 states and is saving up for Alaska and Hawaii, but keeps spending too much on her collection of USA map puzzles. In college she planned to be a sportswriter, until a friend said come be on the radio we’re lots more fun. She did UCLA baseball and basketball play-by-play before switching over to the fun side. Liz likes guacamole, ping-pong, and Jennifer Nettles’ voice. Dislikes include the designated hitter and Wizard of Oz. Liz has two kids, two cats, and a husband who can list twenty years of Billboard #1 hits in order, from memory.

Melidy Morgan

Midnight until 5 a.m.

Melody Morgan loves radio and country music. Her favorite radio moments include being on the air while doing loops in a mig fighter jet, riding an elephant and judging the tight fitting jeans contest at a Honky Tonk called the “Whiskey River.” When she’s not on the air, Melody enjoys camping, hiking, cooking, playing poker and hanging out with her friends.

TJ Turner

5 until 6 a.m.

TJ loves to be outdoors, camping, hiking, skiing, biking, fishing and just about any other activity that gets him off the couch. He is a big fan of classic American muscle cars and has1967 Ford Mustang that he’s restoring. TJ says he and his wife Aubrey have one child together: a tuxedo cat named Duey that “I’m extremely allergic to!” He’s a big fan of acts like Eric Chruch, Eli Young Band, Garth Brooks, Eddie Rabbit, Dwight Yoakam, and Martina McBride.

Liz Adams
7 p.m. to midnight